Eric G Brown: Blog en-us (C) Eric G Brown (Eric G Brown) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Eric G Brown: Blog 57 120 Taking Time to Enjoy a Moment When we get distracted by everyday life and events, it is great to take a break and observe the wonderful things all around us. While taking in the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC today, I was able to witness another photographer doing the same thing. It is great to see someone using a large format camera and taking the time to capture one moment ever so carefully. Not, in a rush or saying to himself I can just take another. Rather, this gentleman was taking his time, not getting distracted by the crowds or things going on his life, but only focused on thing...making a wonderful photo!  I hope all his hard work and attention to detail paid off!! 

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Street Photography to Make a Social Statement This is what I love about street photography, you never know what you will find. But, only in America...Time Square could you find a statement of our diversity. Being aware of your surroundings and being in the right place at the right can all help in capturing a compelling street photo. 


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What is it?? Fun with Macro Photography All types of photography are fun and offer up opportunities to be creative. But, macro photography seems to make the best use of that thought. You can create an entire new world by looking extremely close at the smallest of everyday things. I enjoy making people think at what they are looking at. One rule of thumb for any photography is pay attention to your surroundings. Can you guess what the photo is below? I admit, it will be a tough guess, but that is the fun of macro photography!! 

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Perspective Matters! When composing your photograph, always think about perspective. Sometimes don't make your subject the obvious choice. When you do select your subject, make sure you have it in focus as to highlight said subject. This way you'll ensure the intent of the what you are trying to convey.  A sharp subject focus and a nice blurred background will always make the viewer know what your intended subject is. So, yes, perspective matters! is. So, yes, perspective matters! 


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Fun With a Fisheye Lens A fisheye lens can be great fun to use, but its not meant for every photo you take. It is great for those ultra wide angle shots that need the extra touch of drama and artistic effect. There are a few sacrifices for the extra wide bundle of fun. Fisheye lenses are prone to chromatic abbression and vignetting.  But, these issues can be cleaned up in post processing. If you're watching your budget, then consider on of the many great quality manual focus lens options. If you want to add something exciting to your photography, consider all the fun you can have with a fisheye lens. 

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Why Urban Exploring Fascinates Me When people ask me why I like to explore abandoned places, this is one reason. It makes me wonder about the people that lived in the houses we explore and what happened to them. Why did they leave everything behind? Who knows, but at least they can live on in the photos I take. Yes, I get excited when I discover things like this, but also saddens me as to what happened to them.

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When Blurry Photos Work Not all your photos need to be in focus and sharp. If you want to create a mood or certain atmosphere, consider doing something out of the ordinary. Do be afraid to experiment with your photos or shooting style. Burry photos can be unique and make for quality images! 

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